Modification and Supportive Relationships

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After your divorce is final, sometimes several years post-divorce, disputes can emerge regarding increases or reductions in alimony and/or child support, custodial changes, parenting plan changes, relocation plans, and modifications of timesharing. The standard for modifying alimony or child support is a substantial change in circumstances, which can be shown by a significant increase or decrease in income (ability to pay), or need. Note that equitable distribution determinations are not modifiable after the divorce is finalized.

Additionally, when a party receiving alimony enters into a supportive relationship, this is usually grounds for modification or termination of payment of alimony if it can be proven. A supportive relationship exists when the alimony recipient cohabits with someone that is not a family member, and who is financially supporting them. Alimony is intended to provide support for an ex-spouse who was financially dependent on the other during the marriage, and the purpose of this law is to terminate that ongoing spousal support since the ex-spouse is now receiving support elsewhere.

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