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Guardianships are never a fun topic, but the appointment of a guardian is often necessary to protect both the physical and financial well-being of those we love. In many circumstances, family members neglect to prepare for the infirmities of old age and related mental illnesses. The most common culprit, Alzheimer’s-type dementia, is a slowly advancing disease that often goes unnoticed for years. The disease is both difficult to spot, at early stages, and families often are quite understandably in denial regarding the digression of a loved one. In these unfortunate situations, less restrictive alternatives are often no longer an option. What is even further troubling is that these vulnerable adults commonly find themselves as easy targets for unscrupulous third parties who exploit these senior citizens for their own personal financial gain.

At Greene & Greene, we strongly advise clients to prepare their estate plan to protect themselves from the unknowns of the future. For more information on protective estate planning, please visit the Estate Planning section listed above. Absent such precautionary steps, however, it is important that family members take whatever actions necessary to protect their parents, siblings or similar loved ones. When left with no other viable option, those steps typically involve the filing of a guardianship.

For more information regarding your guardianship and guardianship litigation needs, please visit our informative topic panel to the left, or our FAQ section listed above, and please schedule any consultation as needed. We schedule consultations by both phone and in person. Please keep in mind that there are various complexities associated with the filing and/or contested nature of guardianships within the State of Florida, and it is highly recommended that individuals consult an attorney to educate themselves on how best to proceed, with the interest of protecting both themselves and those they care most about.

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