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St. Petersburg Parenting Plans Lawyers

In October of 2008, the legal concept of child custody was stricken from Florida law. What was once known as custody, primary residential care, and secondary residential care was replaced with what is now known as parenting plans and time-sharing. The language in the statutes was changed to reflect the fact that children should have an equal relationship with both parents, and that no parent should ever have to ‘visit’ their child. Instead, each parent should have their own amount of parenting time.

A parenting plan is a very important part of any divorce that involves children, and creating them is not always easy. Our St. Petersburg parenting plans lawyers can help you draft a plan that is fair and protects your child’s well-being.

What are Parenting Plans in Florida?

Parenting plans govern the way parents relate to each other about the decisions made regarding the children. Plans also include a time-sharing schedule that stipulates when the children will spend time with each parent. Overnight visits, weekends, holidays, and summer breaks should be included in the parenting plan. Today, it is also important to include the technologies children will use to communicate with the parent they are not currently with, and the frequency of communication.

When parents can draft and agree to a parenting plan together, it only needs to be submitted to the court for approval. If the parents cannot reach an agreement, the court will establish the schedule. Creating a parenting plan can be very stressful, especially when litigation is required. A St. Petersburg parenting plans lawyer can help you negotiate and draft your agreement with the other side to make the process easier.

Shared Parental Responsibility

The court will presume that each parent should be actively involved in all aspects of their children’s lives, including their religious upbringing, education, and health and welfare. As such, the court will start a case with the presumption that shared parental responsibility is in the child’s best interests. Only unless one parent is truly unfit, courts grant shared parental responsibility, meaning that both parents will work together to jointly raise their children.

When making any decision about parenting time, the court will only consider what is in the best interests of the children. It is sometimes easy for the parents to become caught up in their own needs and wants, but the court will not consider these factors.

Call Our Parenting Plans Lawyers in St. Petersburg for Help with Your Case

At Greene & Greene, our experienced St. Petersburg parenting plans lawyers know how judges make decisions on parenting time matters, and how to draft a plan that will help you avoid getting to the point of litigation. We know there is a lot on the line, and we will help you secure the best outcome possible for you and your children. If you are getting a divorce and there are children involved, call us now at (727) 821-2900 or contact us online to schedule a consultation so we can review your case.

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