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St. Petersburg Temporary Support Lawyers

Alimony is one of the most contentious issues in divorce, but it is not guaranteed. While alimony orders are final and legally binding, they are not always permanent. There are many different types of alimony and those that are temporary are meant to help one party support themselves during divorce proceedings and sometimes, for a short period of time afterwards. Below, our St. Petersburg temporary support lawyers explain the different types of alimony, and how they work, below.

Temporary Alimony

Temporary alimony is sometimes awarded while a divorce case is still pending. During this time, one spouse often needs financial support to pay their daily expenses, legal fees, and more during the divorce proceedings. Temporary alimony orders automatically end once the divorce is finalized. Still, once the divorce case is over, a judge may extend temporary alimony and they can also change the amount of support being paid. In some cases, temporary alimony will end and the court will not award any other alimony.

Bridge-the-Gap Alimony

Another type of temporary support is known as bridge-the-gap alimony and its purpose is exactly as its name states. This type of support is intended to help one spouse bridge the gap between being married and being a single person. Bridge-the-gap alimony is often necessary when one spouse earns less than their other spouse and currently has no financial means to maintain their current standard of living.

Bridge-the-gap alimony is terminated when the recipient remarries and has financial support from another person, or when either party passes away. In any case, bridge-the-gap alimony can extend past two years.

Rehabilitative Alimony

One of the most well-established and common types of temporary alimony in St. Petersburg, and throughout Florida, is rehabilitative alimony. This type of temporary support is intended to allow one spouse to rehabilitate themselves in a professional capacity. Often, rehabilitative alimony is awarded to a spouse when they have left the workforce for several years and need training or retraining in certain professional skills. Even when one party is self-sufficient, rehabilitative alimony may still be awarded if it is determined that it will allow the person to increase their earning potential in a specific field.

Rehabilitative alimony can be modified or terminated, but the party requesting the modification must show there has been a significant change of circumstances. For example, if a spouse received rehabilitative alimony while they were attending school, the order can be modified once they have graduated or they have found gainful employment.

Our Temporary Support Lawyers in St. Petersburg Can Help with Your Alimony Case

There are many factors the court will take into consideration when making decisions about alimony. At Greene & Greene, our St. Petersburg temporary support lawyers can advise on the type of alimony you are entitled to, or help you defend against unfair requests for it. Call us now at (727) 821-2900 or contact us online to schedule a consultation and to learn more about how we can help with your case.

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