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St. Petersburg Mental Health Professionals Lawyer

There are a number of mental health professionals that are often a part of the divorce process including social workers, marriage and family therapists, and psychologists. Mental health professionals play several roles in a divorce case and their degree of involvement, as well as the aspects of the case they assist with, vary widely. Below, our St. Petersburg mental health professionals lawyer explains a few of the main ways mental health professionals can help during the divorce process.

Support for the Entire Family

Even when two spouses can agree to the terms of divorce, at least remain amicable with each other during a contested case, divorce is emotionally difficult for the spouses and any children involved. A mental health professional can provide guidance and advice to parents and children that is research-based. A mental health professional can also help the entire family develop coping strategies while navigating the divorce process.

Individual therapy and family therapy are both useful tools during the divorce process. In individual therapy, one person works with a therapist that works with them on a one-on-one basis. During family therapy, several members of the family meet with the same therapist at the same time in an attempt to resolve their issues.

Expert Testimony

Sometimes, mental health professionals are more directly involved in a divorce case. Mental health providers sometimes testify to certain facts of a case, such as if a child told them that one parent is abusive or has a substance abuse problem. When a mental health professional is qualified, they can even provide an expert opinion, such as when a parent should have the majority of parenting time. When a divorce case involves parental alienation, the testimony of a mental health professional is particularly useful.

Court Ordered Counseling

Counseling is not a requirement in Florida divorce cases, but there are times when the court may still order it in certain circumstances. Counseling may be ordered when the child’s emotional development or physical health is in danger, one parent has abused parenting time, or one or both parents have violated the parenting time schedule.

When the parties involved can agree to all the terms of divorce outside of court and reach a settlement, it is less likely, although not impossible, that the court will order counseling. The court is more likely to order counseling in cases that involve children, as this can help each side work together in a more peaceful and civil manner post-divorce.

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