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St. Petersburg Child Custody and Timesharing Lawyers

Florida statutes refer to child custody as “time-sharing,” reflecting the public policy of the state that each minor child should have frequent and continuing contact with both parents after the parents separate or the marriage is dissolved. To the extent appropriate, both parents are encouraged to share not only the time they spend with children but also the rights, responsibilities and joys of childrearing. Whichever term you use, there is no denying that the issue of child custody and timesharing is one of the most important matters to parents who are going through a divorce or a paternity action. The family law and divorce attorneys at Greene & Greene can advise you and represent you throughout any child custody dispute to find a solution that meets your needs and reflects the best interests of your kids. Contact our experienced St. Petersburg child custody and timesharing lawyers today.

Timesharing Solutions in You and Your Children’s Best Interests

Whenever any legal decision is made in the courts that will affect children, the number one concern of the judge is to do what will be in the children’s best interests. Child custody decisions like timesharing are no different. If at all possible, the best approach to determining timesharing – when the children will live with each parent – is for the parents to work together to create a schedule that works best for everyone involved. The courts prefer this approach as well and are likely to approve any agreement mutually created by the parents that seems fair and practical. The attorneys at Greene & Greene are highly skilled and experienced in resolving family law matters outside of court through processes like negotiation, mediation, or collaborative divorce. We can advise you and assist you in keeping talks with your co-parent on track, and we can help you create a timesharing schedule that meets your needs.

Every divorce is different, and not all parents are able to work together to create a timesharing schedule or even decide whether both parents should share custody of the children at all. In these instances, the courts will look at a long list of factors to decide if and how custody should be shared between the parents. Our trial-tested child custody lawyers will provide strong legal representation in court as needed, providing legal arguments and factual evidence based on the child custody and timesharing factors considered by the court. These factors include, among others:

  • Each party’s fitness as a parent
  • The historical parenting roles fulfilled by each parent
  • The child’s safety and stability in the current home environment
  • The desirability for the child to maintain a relationship with both parents, and each parent’s capacity to facilitate or encourage the child’s relationship with the other parent
  • Any evidence of domestic violence, including spousal abuse, child abuse or neglect
  • Whether either parent knowingly provided false information to the court
  • The child’s reasonable preference, based on the child’s maturity and development

Our Family Law Attorneys Can Help You Protect Your Children

Florida law is largely protective of children, and Florida courts strive to keep children from being harmed in the divorce process to the greatest extent possible. Children will be kept out of the courtroom and will not be required to give depositions unless the court finds extremely compelling reasons. The family law judge in a divorce or custody dispute can also appoint an evaluator to advise the court on matters related to the children in the proceeding. These evaluators are specially trained and sensitive to the harm that can occur when parents divorce, and they help ensure such harm is minimized as much as possible.

Our firm maintains positive relationships with the mental health community and can guide you toward appropriate child counseling resources as desired, as well as obtain expert testimony as needed in an appropriate and sensitive manner. We will work with you in the best interest of your children regarding all custodial matters, including parenting plans, timesharing, child support, parental relocations, and more.

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If you need assistance with child custody and timesharing, divorce, paternity suits, or other family law matters involving children in Pinellas County and surrounding communities throughout the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater area, call our experienced St. Petersburg child custody and timesharing lawyers today.

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