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St. Petersburg Pre-Divorce Planning Lawyers

Most people do not suddenly decide to get a divorce. In the majority of cases, it is a decision that comes to over time, and after a great deal of thought. However, if you have started considering divorce, you should use this time to prepare for your case. There is a lot you can do now to give yourself the best chance if you decide to move forward with the divorce process. Our St. Petersburg pre-divorce planning lawyers outline below the most important steps you should start taking today.

Learn About Florida’s Divorce Laws

There are many steps during the divorce process. From filing petitions to the discovery process, mediation, and potentially even a divorce trial, there is a lot to know. Florida law governs all of these processes, as well as the terms of your divorce such as property division, alimony, and parenting time. The more you know, the less intimidating the process is and the better prepared you will be for the process.

Collect Important Documents

You will need to have many documents available during the divorce process, and those can take time to collect. A list of just a few of the documents you will need include:

  • Your marriage license
  • Birth certificates
  • Tax returns
  • Bank and brokerage account statements
  • Leases for rental property
  • Insurance policies
  • Business contracts
  • Titles and loans for boats, cars, and other jointly owned property
  • Credit card statements
  • Any existing pre or postnuptial agreements

When you first meet with a St. Petersburg pre-divorce planning lawyer, having this information will help them determine the best way for you to move forward. It is also important to collect this information as soon as possible. Once you have broached the topic of divorce with your spouse, you may find that they are not as easy to locate.

Sever Financial Ties with Your Spouse

If you have joint bank accounts or credit cards with your spouse, you should at least consider closing them or taking your name off the account. Open a separate account that you can use to save money to support you and your children during this difficult time. It is important to note though, that you should not move money from a joint account to a separate one. The court may not look kindly on this fact and it could hurt your case.

Make a List of Marital Assets

Your marital assets, or those acquired during the marriage, are subject to division during divorce. To prepare for these hearings, you should create a list of all of your marital assets, and try to value them, particularly those that are most important to you.

Hire an Experienced Pre-Divorce Planning Lawyer in St. Petersburg

Preparing for divorce is an emotional time, but it is important that you prepare properly. At Greene & Greene, our St. Petersburg pre-divorce planning lawyer can make sure you are fully prepared for the process and give you the best chance of a positive outcome. Call us now at (727) 821-2900 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.

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